Founder Message

Every entrepreneur has their own story about how they have started their business. Here, I want to tell the story of how TAOS was named. I was looking for the name of my new venture long before I started the business. I simply started with the areas of expertise that I have gained during my career of more than 20 years in aviation, like using A for airworthiness, O for organization infrastructure, S for system safety engineering and T for Turkish that completes the name. Then I came up with TAOS. Shortly after my decision to use TAOS as my company name, I had a chance to visit the city of Taos in New Mexico, USA, during one of SAE S-18 Committee meetings (Aircraft/System Development and Safety Assessment Committee) that I have been an active member of for years. I also was so impressed with the arts in Taos and the challenges on its mountains.

I want a company that is strong and hardworking on the inside and flexible on the outside to adapt ourselves to changing conditions. The dragonfly figure in TAOS logo conveys adaptation and flexibility and the diamond head represents inner strength.

I also believe that if a business starts with trust and truth, it will succeed. The double T’s of the dragonfly wings represent Trust and Truth as core values of TAOS Certification and Engineering LLC.

I thank my family, friends, and colleagues who have supported and encouraged me during the process of starting a new company. And I would like to thank all my clients and partners who trust TAOS as we move forward together.

Nazan Gozay Gurbuz

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It’s been my pleasure to work with Nazan on multiple occasions, including attending her Safety training workshops.

Vance Hilderman
CEO, Afuzion Inc.