System Safety & Reliability Engineering

System Safety Engineering is an engineering discipline that assures developed and designed aircraft/system provides acceptable levels of safety. The acceptable level of safety is prescribed in applicable certification standard of subject aircraft. Safe operation of an aircraft (or any vehicle) depends on the people in organizations who are working in close coordination and willing to put in the effort to get the job done right. Safety oriented thinking is the key for people who works in design, manufacturing and operating of a system/aircraft.

TAOS can support you to promote and implement a safety culture and safety oriented thinking by technical consultation and conducting system safety training (see training section).

How we can help;

  • Oversee the aircraft/system safety assessment process and assist the required analyses in support of civil and military projects
  • Ensure appropriate design assurance levels are assigned to system functions and items (hardware and software) according to SAE ARP-4754A
  • Assist development of system safety assessment (including FHA, PSSA, SSA, CCA, FTA, FMEA) and safety requirements according to SAE ARP-4761, MIL-STD-882
  • Assist compliance statements for 14 CFR / CS / STANAG 2X.1309 and other regulations that require system safety substantiation
  • Provide technical assistance to system safety staff


how can we help you?

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It’s been my pleasure to work with Nazan on multiple occasions, including attending her Safety training workshops.

Vance Hilderman
CEO, Afuzion Inc.