Organization Infrastructure

Initial Certification of Design and Production Organizations

We help organisations who are seeking to obtain following approvals for the first time;

  • Design Organisation Approval (DOA) according to EASA Part 21 Subpart J
  • Alternative Procedure to Design Organization Approval (AP to DOA) according to EASA Part 21 AMC 21A.14(b)
  • Production Organisation Approval (POA) in accordance with EASA Part 21 Subpart G
  • Military Design Organisation approval according to EDA EMAR 21 Subpart J
  • Alternative Procedures to MDOA according to EDA EMAR 21 AMC 21A.14(b)
  • Military Production Organisation Approval according to EDA EMAR 21 Subpart G
  • SAE AS 9100 Quality Management System
  • ICAO Safety Management System

How we can help;

If your company has already had a quality management system, then we first perform Gap Analysis at company’s facilities according to related regulation/standard. We analyze your current management system, processes, safety culture and integration between departments and processes. We provide detailed Gap Analysis Report that defines the gaps from regulatory requirements and advices to implement sustainable solutions to comply with subject regulation/standard.

We prepare a working plan according to the gap analysis report. The plan includes specifics about working with the governing authority, preparation of handbooks, preparation/updating processes and procedures, providing feedbacks for organization charting, helping to determine authorized signatory list according to the scope of work, providing necessary training to related staff, etc. We also involve in internal auditing process before Authority Initial Certification Audits and support company during Authority audits.

Independent Monitoring Function to Maintain Your Approvals

Do you want to outsource the audit function to an independent organization or do you need help during your internal auditing activities? TAOS can support your internal auditing process including design subcontractor’s/supplier’s audits during continued surveillance process.

According to regulatory requirements, Quality Management Systems, Design and Production Organizations who have granted approvals from regulatory authorities/bodies should be audited by qualified people who are independent of the process. TAOS can provide qualified Auditors who are experienced in a range of aviation-related disciplines.

How we can help;

  • Review the scope of work and scope of your certificates
  • Review your process and procedures and create an audit plan for 2-3-year period to meet the requirements of related regulations
  • Conduct audits according to approved audit plan
  • Prepare audit report with findings and follow up actions
  • Perform follow up actions to close the findings
  • Help your organization management system keep currency according to amended regulations

how can we help you?

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It’s been my pleasure to work with Nazan on multiple occasions, including attending her Safety training workshops.

Vance Hilderman
CEO, Afuzion Inc.