Airworthiness Certification

Airworthiness certification is a systematic approval process by which the aviation authority ensures an aircraft will safely operate in defined conditions.

To grant certification for product, parts or appliances, the airworthiness authorities require companies comply with applicable regulations which prescribe the minimum safety standards. Besides product certification, companies must also demonstrate their design and production capabilities by obtaining organization approvals (for organization approvals see Organization Infrastructure).

TAOS helps you understand and apply EASA Part 21 and EDA EMAR 21 requirements for civil and military projects within your organisation.

How we can help;

  • Provide regulatory training related to EASA Part 21 and EMAR 21 for understanding of the principles of TC, STC, Repair, ETSO/EMTSO process and design and production organization approvals
  • Support establishing certification processes according to Part 21 in your organization
  • Support system safety process (compliance with 14 CFR/CS 2X.1309)
  • Support permit to fly and flight condition approval process
  • Support ETSO/EMTSO certification process
    • ETSO/EMTSO Certification Plan
    • ETSO/EMTSO Qualification Test Plans and Reports
    • Declaration of Design and Performance (DDP)
    • Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)
    • ADOA and POA approvals (for organization approvals see Organization Infrastructure)


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It’s been my pleasure to work with Nazan on multiple occasions, including attending her Safety training workshops.

Vance Hilderman
CEO, Afuzion Inc.